Meet Me

Dear Boss,

BM.LA.18 - CopyMy name is Biriz or just “Breeze” to people who know me. I am your Freelance Writer and Facilitator in Santa Barbara, California. My passion is to help others achieve their goals, both professionally and personally.

After a long career in the international business world, I decided to do what I really love, writing and training. I worked in marketing and sales, communication, travel, health and wellness, golf course & club management, customer service, and training development fields. Naturally, my multi-faceted business experience has enabled me to write flexibly about those sectors I have served passionately for many years. My studies focused on creative and professional writing, holistic health modalities, coaching & facilitating, herbal health, nutrition, and nonprofit administration. My professional writing degree and business experience, along with a skill for clear, concise writing, led me to my freelance career.

Please contact me via email at to find out how I can help you strategize your digital marketing, or any writing/editing needs.

Talk to you soon,

Biriz McGuire